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What is a vCIO

Many jobs are now becoming remote and digitized in a competitive market that is constantly growing. The role of vCIO is becoming increasingly popular with smaller companies, as they are hired through reputable consulting firms. A virtual CIO (vCIO) is a resource that is dedicated to operating as Chief Information Officer, with flexibility. Their primary role is to manage budgets based on strategic IT goals that they establish.

Why You need a Virtual CIO

Technology is pervasive in every business, ignoring this reality is futile. Businesses that don’t adapt technologically, fail.

It Support can range from:

  1. Casual troubleshooting phone calls
  2. Staff members coming to your aid
  3. The company’s internal IT team.
  4. Outsourced IT services
vCIO’s can help with #3 and #4, as businesses need all the support they can get.

Using a Virtual CIO For Strategic Advantage

Technology is changing and most company’s feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with their own internal systems. Outdated technology can lead to catastrophe that ruins performance. Improper use of technology can greatly hinder any business’ goals. A great deal of spending can go into fixing archaic and outdated tech. A fresh perspective can be achieved via a vCIO, who can help turn the page for your business, without being clouded with bias. An objective eye is what a vCIO is all about. Moving away from “in-house” approaches can help save time and money in the long run.

Investing in vCIO Expertise

Six ways a virtual CIO can provide value:

  1. Set strategic priorities, establish initiatives, and identify ROI
  2. Drive change through tangible methods
  3. Input on regulatory and compliance concerns
  4. Evaluate the current team and assess skill sets
  5. Manage day to day technology
  6. Support vendor relationships that benefit all

How much does a vCIO Cost?

vCIO’s are on a monthly and recurring subscription service that starts at $1500/month and can expand with more detailed offerings.

Top Three reasons why you save money with a vCIO

  1. Saving on the recurrent and unnecessary hiring of expensive talent
  2. Optimize the costs of the IT Team
  3. Keeping a business safe against data breaches which prove costly long term